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Purina Alpo® Adult Meat & Vegetables

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    NEW LOOK, 15 Health Benefits

    Alpo Adult Prime Cuts product line that was sourced from the USA will now be sourced from Mexico with the product line name of Alpo Adult Meat & Vegetables.

    For over 90 years, Alpo® has delivered affordable tasty nutrition with Purina® Quality Nutrition. This means that each bag meets the highest quality standards and helps millions of dogs to live long, healthy lives.

    There are small differences in formula and a gradual transition should be recommended to all consumers.

    1. Strong muscles
    2. Healthy skin
    3. Healthy coat
    4. Reduces accumulation of dental plaque
    5. Healthy Digestion
    6. Adequate Body condition
    7. Strong Bones
    8. Healthy Joints
    9. Healthy immune system
    10. Healthy vision
    11. Provides the right energy you need
    12. Healthy brain
    13. Healthy heart
    14. Healthy Urinary system
    15. Healthy metabolism