Welcome to Purina Express Loyalty Program! Purina Express Loyalty Program is a rewards plan for our customers to shop and save!

The Purina Express Loyalty Program rewards you for:

  • Shopping online
  • Donating to shelters
  • Referring a friend to make a purchase
  • Leaving reviews on your favorite Purina products

A purchase is necessary to become a member and start saving. You must be registered with Purina Express to start earning points.

You are awarded points for all eligible purchases, donations, referrals, and reviews. For each dollar spent on Purina Express website, you are awarded 1 point. Points are not eligible on coupons/ refunds/ cancelled orders.

1 point = .05 TTD (eg. 500 points equals $25TTD)

Points will automatically be added to your account once an order is successfully completed.

Referrals are awarded points once the referred party creates an account and places their first order using your referral link. Both you and your friend will be awarded 200 points each.

You can also earn points by leaving a review on your purchased products. You can only leave a review on a product purchased through Purina Express. 100 points are awarded for each review.

Go to “My Account”. Under Dashboard, you will see a table labeled “My referral link”. You can copy and paste the link to share or click on the picture box in the table which copies the link for you. Once your referred party creates an account and makes an eligible purchase using your referral link, both you and the referred party will be awarded 200 points. If this order is cancelled or incomplete, points will be retracted.

Points are not awarded for delivery charges.

Go to “My Account” under Dashboard. You will see a table titled “My Rewards” which outlines your total points and what these points were awarded for.

To redeem points, you can apply the discount directly to your next online purchase. Points expire 6 months from date they are received. You must be subscribed to Purina Express to be able to earn and redeem points.